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First song from the new album(Demo) :


New cover song All the things she said from t.A.T.u!
Music video coming soon!


Listen to this Club Dance version of an oldie!

Original song by Cher - Bang Bang, Made famous by Nancy Sinatra, Kill Bill and Nico Vega
Buy Song:



NEW VIDEO FROM JESSE ROCKS! (There are tears!!!)
Cover of Lana Del Ray song - Born to Die.
Very heartbreaking documentary footage from Disneyland and Las Vegas.
..and this might suggest that Jesse actually has feeling in his cold heart?!


There is a lot happening now!

- New music videos coming out

- Short films

- Photos


The best way to follow this all is from my Official page


Also celebrating 666 likes on my facebook page!

Thank you so much for that! 


Now new killer industrial song available in Soundcloud.


Beat me, kill me and then dance on me! Industrial club hit from Los Angeles.

Let's get this new year started!

-Jesse Rocks

Here is a little taste of the video.. in a form of a screenshot.

This Might just be an Album cover! who knows?! Haha
Update on dance album very soon!
Trying to get out before Christmas.

I will release 3 albums in the near future! not 1 or 2 but 3!!!
Album names and genres will be:
GLORY: Dance,Club,industrial
GRIEF: Sad,Gothic,rock
GORE: Symphonic Black-metal!

Coming soon!

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